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Nepal is country situated in the temperate region of the world surrounded by two countries India in the east, west and south and China in the north. Despite of being a small country Nepal treasures mountains, hills and the plain surface known as terai. Acquiring the 8 out of 10 highest peak of the world, Nepal has become the hotspot destination of mountaineers, rock climbers and people wanting adventures. The ten world heritage sites including the birth place of Lord Buddha, the famous temple of Hindus the Pashupatinath provides the composure and serenity to the visitors who prefers the peaceful places. Nepal offers a lot of daring adventures like rafting, canoeing, bungee jumping, rock climbing, mountain climbing which entices the adventure seekers. The mesmerizing view of snow capped mountains, where mountain touches the sky such a breathtaking view will certainly make you fall in love with Nepal. And not only the mountains but also the beauty of hills with its terrace landscape and lowland of terai will also surely tantalize the viewers. So we invite all the adventure seeker and nature lovers to have the pleasure to visit and explore the hidden beauty of Nepal.