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Nepal treasures abundant species of flora and fauna due to the variation in climate, from tropical to arctic. There are no natural habitats in Nepal. Nepal has established numerous National park and reserves in order to protect it diverse fauna.

In terms of biodiversity, Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world. It is rightfully called Amazon of Asia due to the unique variety of species found in here. Nepal has more than 900 species of birds, which accounts to 8.9% of the total species of birds all around the world. It has 4.2 % of the world’s butterfly species and 3.96 percent of the world’s mammal species. Nepal holds two percent of the world’s orchids (more than 360 species), six percent of the world’s rhododendron species (national flower) and 250 species endemic to Nepal.

The endemic fauna are: Himalayan field mouse, spiny babbler, Nepali kalij, 14 herpetofauna, and six types of fishes.
Nepal’s dense Terai jungles houses exotic animals like the Asiatic elephant, the one-horned rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal tiger among others. Wildlife like the leopard, monkey, langur, hyena, jackal, wild boar, antelope, wild cat, wolf, sloth bear, chital or spotted deer and barking deer can also be found in Nepal.