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Nepal has adopted almost all of the emerging technologies in communication. Nepal has its own reliable postal service, many private courier service companies, state run telephone service and internet (including private ISP companies) and mobile service companies. Private-operated tv channels and FM radio stations are in ample numbers in Nepal.


Nepal offers good telephone services of both cell phones and landlines telephones. One can make STD and ISD calls either from their hotels or private telephone/internet cafes. The cellular service is not as per international standards but is good enough. Local calls are cheap but international calls are quite costly via mobile. So, it’s better to use online free calling apps like vibor, whatsapp, skype etc.


Nepal lacks the Internet facilities in the remote area but has a solid connection around the city and urban areas. Almost all hotels provide Internet facility in the hotels itself. Apart from that you will find privately operated Internet cafes around the touristic areas. The major internet service provider is the government itself but there are many private ISP too.