Culture of Bhutan

The Kingdom of Bhutan has its own rich and unique culture. The Bhutanese culture is highly influence by Buddhist culture and traditions as majority of people living in Bhutan follow Buddhism as their religion. The ancient culture and tradition of Bhutan has its strong impact on modern culture of Bhutan. Most of the languages, literature, drama, music, architectures in the country are influence by Buddhism. Monasteries, Dzongs, Temples and Stupas scattered all over the country pretty much resembles the Buddhist culture and are constructed with a touch of Buddhism. Likewise, Chortens, Pagodas, Prayer Flags, Prayer Wheels shows the inclination of Bhutanese people towards Buddhist culture in the Kingdom. They have their own festivals and rituals. Teschu, a religious festival is organized every year in Dzongs and celebrated with great joy. Villagers from different places gather in the nearest Dzong to mark the festival that lasts for several days. Different rituals and mask dance are performed during the celebration. People show reverence to the Lamas and monks during the festival. The country also celebrates many different festivals throughout the year. Traditional culture is yet another interesting part of Bhutan. There are many religious ceremonies and celebrations in the kingdom. Traditional music and dances are integral part of Buddhist culture. The people are bounded with social principle and values that have got special significance in the daily lives of Bhutanese people. The people of Bhutan are so much influenced by cultural and traditional belief. In some part of the country, the citizens are required to wear the national dress known as Driglam Namza. There are certain ways to eat, talk and live which are taken as rules for living for Bhutanese people. Though Bhutan is a secular nation majority of people follow Buddhism as religious sect. The rich culture and tradition of Bhutan are integral part of the society and the unique blend of cultural and religious significances stand a national identity of Bhutan.

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    Traveling into Bhutan tucked high up in the Himalayas is a rare experience. Bhutan is located in the Eastern Himalayas north of India and south of Tibet and is the world’s only the Buddhist Kingdom remaining unchanged for centuries. Travelers are allured to come to Bhutan to admire its natural beauty and snow-capped peaks, visit the remote monasteries and spiritual temples, trek the wondrous Himalayan routes. The bustling towns and busy markets are a treasure trove of seasonal fruits & vegetables, clothes & curios. No traffic jams or even traffic lights, surely Bhutan is the true Shangri-La. So, be among the privileged few to visit this Land of the Thunder Dragon.

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    “A green, clean, small Happy country”

    Bhutan tour review Bhutan is a very beautiful country in the Himalayas and worth visiting with Family. People of Bhutan are very kind and happy people and tourist friendly nature.Climate is pleasant during April-May. Temples and monasteries are very beautiful and historical. Flora and fauna are great. Green and white (Snowclad) hills and clean rivers are really very attractive.  Only a co Read More

    Acharya Ramadas, From Pune, India